Glen is an accomplished audiobook narrator specializing in romance novels.
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“3 Minutes Till Midnight” Audiobook Released

Peculiar Morte wants nothing more than that once-in-a-lifetime kiss, the one that makes her knees go weak and her heart nearly stop beating. Being the daughter of two Sentinels, those who watch over the Immortals of Moonlight Cove, is hard...

“A Bride For A Day” Audiobook Released

Worst New Year’s resolution...ever. Of course, Cinderella Charming, C. C. to the world, had heard of "marriages of convenience". After all, her parents had named her and her siblings after fairy-tale characters, even though she resembled one of...

“Match Made in the Highlands” Audiobook Released

In the Scottish Highlands, and with the last lines of the movie Brigadoon fresh in her mind, Irene Redmond signs up for a tour, hoping to uncover secrets hinted at in her mother’s diary. Instead, Irene is transported back in time to the...